Project: GPARK London Docklands

Client: Gazeley UK – Supported by KAM & RAME Project Consultants Principal Contractor: Collins Demolition Ltd
On-Site: December 2018 – September 2019 Contract Value: £2,700,000


Description of the job:

The project involved the removal of Relic Structures and the Remediation of the site to eradicate free flowing Hydrocarbon contamination and impacted soils. The remediation process involved the excavation of the contaminated ground followed by the controlled treatment of the spoil to reduce the level of contamination to site target levels denoted by the EA. The works also involved the re-engineering of the site to Formation level which included the modification of the soil with Cement Stabilisation, all to allow the construction of Europe’s first 3 storey, vehicle access warehouse.


Interesting Facts:

The works were undertaken under the guidance of specialist UXO consultants to allow the safe excavation of the site as the site was heavily bombed in WW2.

Tidal water was a significant problem on this site as the site is approx. 200mtrs away from the River Thames.

Over 4000m3 of contaminated ground was remediated.

Over 38,000m3 of earth was re-engineered using 6500m3 of Cement Stabilisation.

The end user for the site will be Amazon.


Client Feedback

We worked with Gazeley not only to complete the works but to offer an engineered platform, to profile to allow construction works to commence



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